Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Study Lamp Reilluminated

Q: What is "The Red Scar"
A: An Anthony Wynne mystery novel or the end result of surgery I had last year which pretty much shut down this blog in the second half of the year. Lethargy and a lack of concentration were definitely not my friends. However, I was able to start reading more toward the end of the year so I'm hoping things will be back to normal...

I thought I'd start this year's blogging with a post about 2012 in review (which everybody else did some weeks ago). I'd set three challenges for myself in the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge--8 books in the Golden Age Gals challenge, 8 in the Cherchez le Homme challenge and 8 in a custom challenge which I called Pocket-sized Murder. The first two I completed early, the last I completed as time ticked down on New Year's Eve. Here's a list of what I managed to complete in each challenge. An asterisk denotes a book which I reviewed on The Study Lamp.

Golden Age Girls

Marjorie Boniface-Murder as an Ornament (1940)
Marjorie Boniface-Venom in Eden (1942)
Carol Carnac-Death in the Diving-Pool (1940) *
Rae Foley-Where is Mary Bostwick? (1958) *
M.V. Heberden-Murder Follows Desmond Shannon (1942) *
Kathleen Moore Knight-Death Blew Out the Match (1935) *
Kathleen Moore Knight-Exit a Star (1941) *
Virginia Perdue-The Case of the Grieving Monkey (1941) *
Mabel Seeley-The Crying Sisters (1939) *

Cherchez le Homme

Anthony Abbot-About the Murder of the Clergyman's Mistress (1931) *
Hugh Austin-Murder in Triplicate (1935)
Bill S. Ballinger-Formula for Murder (1958) *
Francis Beeding-The Norwich Victims (1935) *
Henry Bellamann-The Gray Man Walks (1936) *
Ben Benson-The Affair of the Exotic Dancer (1958) *
Christopher Bush-The Death of Cosmo Revere (1930) *
Frederick C. Davis-He Wouldn't Stay Dead (1939) *
Jefferson Farjeon-Thirteen Guests (1936)
Richard Hull-The Ghost It Was (1936)
Eugene Jones-Who Killed Gregory? (1928) *
Sherwood King-Between Murders (1935) *
Victor MacClure-Hi-Spy-Kick-the-Can (1936) *
Stanley Hart Page-The Tragic Curtain (1935) *
Stuart Palmer-The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree (1933) *
Milton Propper-The Divorce Court Murder (1934) *
John Rhode-Hendon's First Case (1935) *
C. St. John Sprigg-The Six Queer Things (1937) *
S.S. Van Dine-The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1938) *
S.S. Van Dine-The Winter Murder Case (1939) *

Pocket-sized Murder

George Harmon Coxe-Four Frightened Women (1939)
Spencer Dean-Murder on Delivery (1957) *
Brett Halliday-She Woke to Darkness (1954) *
Brett Halliday-Stranger in Town (1955)
Frank Kane-Syndicate Girl (1958) *
Harold Q. Masur-Tall, Dark and Deadly (1956)
Harry Olesker-Now Will You Try for Murder? (1958)
Craig Rice-Innocent Bystander (1949)

I also read a few other books (and a bunch of gothics which I'm not going to list) which didn't fit into any of the reading challenges:

Edith-Jane Bahr-A Nice Neighborhood (1973) *
Mark Cruz-Dead Wrong (1975)
Mark Cruz-Voyage of Death (1975)
Ralph Dennis-Working for the Man (1974)
Paul Kruger-Weave a Wicked Web (1967) *
Isobel Lambot-A Taste of Murder (1966)
Judson Philips-The Twisted People (1965)
Daniel Stashower-The Floating Lady Murder (2000)
Hal White-The Mysteries of Reverend Dean (2008)


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  2. Let me try this again (in which Bev manages to actually spell your name right):

    Darrell! Glad to see you back. Those surgeries can really deal a knock-out blow to your stamina--I still haven't completely recovered from my last one (almost two years ago). Hope you've managed to get your reading rhythm back again. I'd also love to see you join us for this year's Vintage Mystery challenge.

  3. Welcome back, Darrell! Missed you. I hope the post-surgery recovery was not too painful and that you have healed well. Looking forward to some more reviews from you.

  4. I linked to your Six Queer Things review, look forward to more!

  5. Thanks everyone. I hope to finish a few books in the next couple of days.