Thursday, 19 January 2012

So Far

This year's far...

Still working on finishing my first book for the reading challenge...hmmm...guess I'm 0 and 10 on the year (and sinking fast). I'd better pick up the pace as the library seems to have granted two of my interlibrary loan requests.

Oh..and a pox on the person who beat me to that inexpensive copy of the Crime Club Compendium!


  1. Aha! I recognize three of those books. :^D

    And I see three by Kathleen Moore Knight. Such an overlooked writer. She's on my list this year. I found her very first book a couple of years ago and wanted to review it last year, but it got buried in Mount TBR. Maybe you'll get to her before me. Good to see you posting.

  2. First of all, I'm pleased that someone's actually checking my blog (despite my meagre posting). And I thought you might recognize a few of the books...

    Kathleen Moore Knight is high on my list of authors to be read for the "golden age girls" challenge, although my priorities change from day to day. I think part of the interest lies in, as you commented, that she seems to be a neglected writer although having a writing career that spanned several decades. I couldn't find too many reviews of her books on the sites that I regularly follow. We'll see if I review her before you do, although I suspect my first golden age girl is going to be a scarce Carol Carnac. How's that for a teaser...

  3. Even stripped of their dust jackets, most of those Crime Club editions look really good on a bookshelf.

    Anyway, I will check back here to see what you think of Kathleen Moore Knight and Carol Carnac. Never read a single sentence from either women, but I'm always open for excuses to buy even more detective novels. ;)

  4. ABE has two copies of Compendium for under $50, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

  5. Thanks for pointing that out Richard. I don't think those copies were showing up when I did a search last time. Much better than paying $75!