Sunday 22 April 2012

Paperbacks I

Yesterday was the final day of a local ten-day book and music sale. Some of my more interesting purchases from the (ever-dwindling) "collecticle" paperbacks section...


  1. Some nice ones here. I like those early Bantam editions with Nero Wolfe on the cover. One of the few depictions of him that is done really well.

    I found MURDER OF A WIFE a few weeks ago at myfavoirte used book shop. Been loooking for it ever since it was recommended by David Vineyard on one of his many lists posted at Mystery*File. I paid $25, but after removing it from its plastic wrapper in which it was encased for many years (judging by the ancient tape and dust) I discovered it was near perfect. Well worth the price, I'd say. But now I'm afraid to read it!

    I bet you paid next to nothing for your copy. In any case - it's a very scarce book and one of the few of those "rarities" that is worth reading. I guess anyone who owns a copy hangs onto it for life.

  2. I didn't realize that there weren't very many copies of MOAW online. My copy has some wear at the bottom of the spine..but for a buck I can live with that ;)

    I think A Catalogue of Crime praised MOAW as well.