Friday, 1 June 2012

Apologies and Acquisitions

I was horrified (okay, mildly surprised) to see that I haven't posted anything since the end of April. Hopefully this month I'll post more (and read better books). Apologies to my 5 followers who must have been frantic with worry and anticipation ;)

There are some new (to me) authors in my recent purchases; Katharine Virden ( an early Doubleday Crime Club selection that I was lucky to find locally for a few dollars), Anthony Weymouth and Margaret Page Hood (creator of Gil Donan, a Maine sheriff).

Also in this batch is an autographed copy of The Wild Duck Murders (I only obtain autographs of authors of whom no one is seeking autographs--what an awkward sentence..)

Finally, the last two two books in the photo are The Edge of Running Water and A Dirty Way to Die (I don't think they photographed very well).


  1. I wasn't frantic but I had worried something might've happened until I saw a little activity over on another website where you use a different wintry moniker.

    Nice haul there. THE EDGE OF RUNNING WATER is a creepfest. Loved it. Great little movie with Boris Karloff and Ann Revere, too, retitled THE DEVIL COMMANDS, one of my Halloween flick recommendations for 2011. Hope you enjoy that one.

  2. It's fitting that you use the word "wintry". I should have a review of The Winter Murder Case up this week.