Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Let's hear it for interlibrary loan (whom I'm willing to forgive for screwing up on the Henry Wade mystery I requested) and for libraries which actually lend their books as opposed to secreting away in a special collection never to see the light of day again. Good show chaps!

I just picked up titles by Carol Carnac and C. St. John Sprigg from the library today so I'm in a thankful mood. One librarian always comments on the golden age mysteries I receive so perhaps I can make her into a convert...


  1. I wish I could join you in your celebration. Every time I try to get my hands on a scarce book using interlibrary loan in Chicago I am met with closed doors and denials. I have been successful exactly once. You and Patrick have way too much luck. I need to move to Canada!

  2. I have access to scarce books through interlibrary loan in Canada. You have cheaper book shipping rates and sellers who only ship within the United States. I guess one cancels the other ;)