Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Les enquetes de Thatcher Colt

I suppose I should tag this as "goofy purchases" or "exercises in futility"...but I couldn't resist purchasing L'homme sans femmes (par Anthony Abbot) despite having atrocious French skills. (And at sixty cents it was much cheaper than the cost of the original About the Murder of a Man Afraid of Women).

Call me foolishly optimistic, but I vow that someday I will complete a novel in French (although I made the same declaration last fall when I bought those "Harry Dickson" titles).

In what I assume to be a misprint the copyright in this edition is ascribed to Raymond Chandler (!)

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  1. Raymond Chandler! How on earth did that happen? Some lazy typesetter forgot to change one row of type from the previous book printed, I guess. From reading Brian Busby's blog I am familiar with some of the publishing/printing blunders in early Canadian paperback businesses. This one is a pretty bad one. I wish you well with your adventure in French reading. You're a braver man than I.