Thursday, 29 March 2012

More More More!

A few more acquisitions (the harder to read spines are The Wraith and Murder's Little Helper). The Kirby Williams title features Thackeray Place, another Philo Vance inspired detective who would also appear in The Opera Murders.


  1. I'll be curious to hear what you think of good ol' Cortland Fitzsimmons who I think was the first writer to use professional ice hockey in a murder mystery (CRIMSON ICE). I have only read RED RHAPSODY which doesn't feature Ethel Thomas, his senior sleuth, as does the one you have pictured above. But after one book I have sworn off Fitzsimmons for life!

    You're ammassing an impressive collection of Crime Club books. I never seem to find any in such good condition as those you stumble upon. More and more I'm thinking of moving to Canada. ;^)

    I have the CVC MURDERS but have never read it. Surprised? And DEAD MAN INSIDE is another I own, but one I'm reluctant to read after too many unfavorable reviews I've encountered.

  2. I bought Mystery at Hidden Harbor because it was inexpensive (and somewhat scarce). It arrived the same day that a negative review of an Ethel Thomas mystery appeared on Mystery*File so I'm hoping that it wasn't an omen. I moved one of his sports mysteries (this one involving football) onto my tbr pile last week...

    Not so much stumbling on my books locally as I have been ordering online. I do much better with vintage paperbacks at the shops and sales here (knock on wood!)

    Of course if you move to Canada I'll let you rummage through my bookshelves ;)