Monday, 12 March 2012

Reading Challenge Progress

I recently completed the "cherchez le homme" theme in the 2012 vintage mystery reading challenge. I'll continue to add books to the list but will probably add a new "customized" theme to the challenge.

It's also easy to guess which decade I favour...

Cherchez le homme

Sherwood King - Between Murders (1935)
Victor MacClure - Hi-Spy-Kick-the-Can (1936)
Stuart Palmer-The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree (1933)
C. St. John Sprigg - The Six Queer Things (1937)
Eugene Jones - Who Killed Gregory (1928)
Francis Beeding - The Norwich Victims (1935)
Stanley Hart Page-The Tragic Curtain (1935)
Frederick C. Davis - He Wouldn't Stay Dead (1939)
Christopher Bush - The Death of Cosmo Revere (1930)

Golden Age Girls

Virginia Perdue - The Case of the Grieving Monkey (1941)
Kathleen Moore Knight - Exit a Star (1941)
Carol Carnac - Death in the Diving-Pool (1940)
M.V. Heberden - Murder Follows Desmond Shannon (1942)

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