Thursday 6 November 2014

Acquisitions: Lucky $13

Some of my favorite purchases from a recent book sale...and all for $13...yow! I'm most interested in Prelude to Murder which The Saturday Review lightly praised as having "an ending with a new twist". Also included are the sharp-looking endpapers for Lay Her Among the Lilies.

Trivia time! One of my purchases is by an author who has a much more famous cousin in the mystery field. Who is it and what is the cousin's name?


  1. The Glyn Carr book is quite a find! Congrats on that one. Never seen a copy of that one. Ever. I like Abercrombie Lewker in small so doses. He reminds me of Sir Henry Merrivale at times but can grate on my nerves unlike good ol' H.M.

    As for the famous cousin... I looked up the three writers who I didn't know at all. Rogers Simon is a pseudonym for a male/female writing partnership so I canceled that one. Bestor wrote only three books; found next to nothing about him on the 'net. Ballard's full name is Willis Todhunter Ballad. So I guessed it had to be Ballard whose cousin is another writer who shares his unusual middlle name. And Wikipedia told me I was correct. That's as big a clue as I will give anyone else willing to play.

  2. The H.M. comparison is enough to move the Glyn Carr up in my reading pile. I was pleased to find the book because, in addition to the scarcity of the novel, it was signed by the previous owner who wrote a quartet of fantasy novels as well as articles for The Armchair Detective and CADS. More on that later. (I also suspect that he was the owner of two copies of A Corpse at Camp Two).

    And yes, the middle name is the giveaway. I just started reading that one today so I might post about the book soon.

  3. I just happened to see this post (don't know how I missed it before)...I am so jealous of your book sale finds! Although I shouldn't be...I just acquired 56ish vintage books of my own at Christmas time...almost all paperback. Nice book haul!

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