Monday, 27 June 2016

This Post is Brought to You By....

I'm currently reading a 1930s example of the "celebrity mystery"--the type of mystery that, while being ghostwritten by another author, is sold on the putative author's celebrity and is usually set in the milieu in which that person achieved their fame (such as Steve Allen's The Talk Show Murders).

Any guesses as to the celebrity author pictured below? A few hints...she was American, was at her greatest fame in the 1920s and 1930s...and it's no coincidence that I chose today to make this post.


  1. I totally cheated because I had to know. Google images is so handy for this kind of thing. ;^) Helen Wills Moody, arguably "the greatest woman tennis player in history." Never heard of her. But now I know a helluva lot about her. 31 Grand Slam titles! A record of Wimbledon wins not surpassed until 1990 by Martina. Impressive! Will you review the book? ...which Hubin tells me is Death Serves an Ace

    1. Yes, it's Helen Wills...I thought it would be timely to be reading a mystery partially set at Wimbledon during the first week of this year's Championships (a small consolation for not being invited to the royal box this year).

      Yes, I plan to review it..hopefully before the Championships end...a review on this there's a novel idea!

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